I hope whoever wins your heart, make you feel like a true queen.

    Mind struck,
    With a lighting bolt
    Sending a spark to my thoughts
    Replaying memories of happiness
    When you impacted
    My life.

    Your love, Showed me truth of
    Our romance, The way you send a chill To my skin when you kiss it
    Or when I taste your insides
    And otherwise,The way our eyes meet when we Translate our words into Our passion for we,

    Seasons will watch
    Our growth.And tell times our stories
    We create throughout Our days,
    Once with you
    Is a lifetime I’m living,
    To show you what Our love holds

    I swear if I was a love poet
    I would write about how immature
    My mind is when I think I can build
    You a house out of my love
    Take you to a fairy tale land
    Where you would have wait for me to be your Prince Charming
    Save you from your dragons keep
    I would start it with my dreams of you
    Maybe with the reoccurring fantasy
    Of me marrying you on that mountain top with
    Your hair in the wind, eyes covered with tears or joy and the words of my love
    If I knew what words to say to describe you
    If I had the vocabulary to
    Illustrate how much you mean to me
    Or get close enough to make me not reach out and run out of words
    How I fall into your well knowing that love is never out of place with us
    If I could have you as part of me
    I would tell God to make you my rib or my spine to know I have you with me at all times not inside but by my side
    Because love is hard to explain or to plain to see how I fell for you and you fell for me

    Structures of the past,
    That could shine through
    The darkest cave,Like a diamond
    Of the greatest size
    My eyes see past any flaw
    But draw me closer to your heart
    My heart shoots for the girl,I hold close to me ,The warmth from your smile ,Sends me through a trance
    And puts me in a wonderland
    Making me the frog who
    Gets to kiss you
    What makes this fantasy real
    Is when I can feel your lips against
    Mine and time pauses
    As we intertwine with love
    Can this be real or another scene
    Or have we made yet another

    Patiently waiting for life to unwind
    Before the wind blows, our time
    I don’t want to end,
    This broken henge leans on the door,
    Like she lays in my arms, no foul ,
    No harm , I just trying keep you here ,Through the sunny weather or storm,

    She leads me through the maze of her Thought, running into walls of emotionsI break down , with the fist of the words, I kick with bliss , to insure I don’t miss out , On a kiss, romance in the version of our
    Roman Empire , the compassionate statements Process on the relaying of phrases to your mental ,
    And sends messages to her face to show her dentals,

    Sin , is when you’re in my thoughts,
    My Pleasure, when I vision us growing old together
    But never wearing out like old leather , pull a lever and
    Unleash the storms that flow from within , not to mention
    The replenishing of the kitten, who is she kidding ,
    or really how are we living , without the connection of our hands
    Never proposed the proper outcome, we neglect the plan
    Once a friend , soon to become your man,
    want to make a clan
    As she revealed , I’ve been in a trance

    Sing about me
    Ways I can only hear
    And never fear
    To drop a tear
    Cause with your smile
    Everything draws near

    Passion started in a disaster
    Words were plastered
    on the wall
    Yet i fall more deep
    Into your Eyes, Mind, Soul ,
    How does your heart
    Intertwine with mine
    And say
    “Your kind of love
    Is more than I need
    Let’s flee and leave
    These bodies, and
    soon become one?”

    Let’s run in the sun
    Run from the ones
    Who try to fool
    To make me lose
    Truth is
    All I want is you

    No time off
    Some time lost
    I wish I offered the best
    And be stress less

    Was this a test
    To see what could happen next
    To lose what I was blessed with
    Not talking about the talent
    How could I ever imagine
    This life without seeing you
    Already living without being able to
    Please you , receive you with open arms
    Lost the charm that I once enchanted you with
    Never been to extravagant
    The pain In my chest feels like cancer
    But when I think of you , I pour my dreams into stanzas

    The knight in shining armor
    I wanted to be , never wanted you to leave
    Always hurt calling my self dumb
    To whomever wins your heart , I thumbs up
    Knowing it’s someone better than me ,
    Never needed a key or glasses to see the
    Missed treat I had , to mistreat you left you
    mad and me sad, just glad to know where we stand
    That one glance made a soul in this man again ,
    Not another chance I need , just a slick moment to
    Grab your hand

    I hope whoever wins your heart, make you feel like a true queen.

    (Source: nvbianprincess)